Couple More Newbie Questions

Hi, a few questions hoping someone can help with.

Where can I find the model account value? Correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression is I need that number in order to know how much to scale the recommendations to have it be appropriate for my portfolio size.

When I download the CSV file with the trade record history for a strategy, how do I interpret DD as % column if it says -1.7. My impression is that DD represents max drawdown and -1.7 means it’s either a 1.7% max drawdown or a 170% max drawdown. However, neither makes sense when I look at the trade record for the Honey Growth Fund (link below) since there’s a long trade for SQ Jan17’20 70 call that opens at 3/26/2019 2:23:08 PM with an open price of 13.84 and a close price of 11.7833 and a DD worst price of 10.46. The loss on the trade is more than 1.7% so obviously the max drawdown can’t be 1.7%. And, it’s a long position so I would think you can’t have drawdown greater than 100%, so it can’t be 170%. And based on the DD worst price, I’d think the max DD was -24% (10.46/13.84-1). Not sure how to make sense of the DD as % column.

Here’s the link to the strategy I used as an example:


I believe DD % is more a % of total capital - not for the trade itself.
Model account value - you can just look at the current graph to see where it’s at.

Be careful with this fund. We all saw some funny trades that wouldn’t most likely have gone off with real money invested (a.k.a. impossible gains).
See thread below:

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Hey Buffet, you can also email or text the leader and ask him for details regarding the scale-ability and minimum capital required.

One of the issues i am experiencing right now is when my strategy was created the minimum suggested capital was set to 35K. After almost a year the capital has grown, so it’s suggested necessary allocation (90K at the time of writing). The problem is that I cannot (or couldn’t figure out how to) update or change in Strategy description to new number.

So without proper communication with strategy leader the expectation that the strategy is trade-able at 35K is false and needs to be discussed. Hope that helps to get a better compatibility with C2 strategies. Good luck trading. Andrew