Crazy too much?: 522% gains c2 score=99.6

My system Crazy options:

is doing “heaven trades” and its Crazy Result are too good too be true.
it’s not Martingale system but good option trading with great timing and the C2 score reflect (as far as i understand) not only its nice gains/risks parameters but its popularity by C2 suscribers.

my main dilema with this too much sexy system is how to be honest and control same risk with better ans better trades and not only play with good defence (As new subscribers do not care about past but wish more amd more gains).

i feel also the my big DD (50%) is not so disturbing people against 400% gains- but i feel happy that people know the risk with such system.

by the way - i started new system CRAZY OPTIONS 2016 where i try to make same gains with lest risk.
but its only in the first steps so i give discount for new subscribers.
feel free to comment

It’s not acceptable on C2 forums to use terms like “too good to be true” when describing your system, nor to tout high returns (“400% gains”), without equally prominent statements about risk. Calling a system “sexy” is probably not a regulatory offense (but it is a crime against good taste, I’m afraid).

I’m leaving your post intact temporarily to allow other C2 members to understand what is acceptable and unacceptable use of the forums. Your post definitely falls into the second category.

Now, with that said, let me stress to all readers that ALL TRADING IS RISKY. You will probably lose money if you trade the strategy described above. Most traders do lose money. The results above are hypothetical and therefore have certain inherent limitations.

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Thanks Matt
and i take some ideas from your famous article “why you should date only ugly girls” and not the too much sexy ones…

i jusk wanted to share my ideas and get some friends ideas for the coming months

Without getting into semantics or technical definitions of Martingale systems, in my opinion a Martingale system is any system that increases position size as the market is moving against the original position. I believe that your system qualifies in this case.

One of my favorite “martingale” trades in your trading history is the accumulation of [losing] positions in NFLX calls on January 13th. In this situation, not only did you keep buying more calls as the position went against you, but you also continued to buy bigger and bigger additional position sizes as the market moved against you (until you had to “throw in the towel” at the end of the trading day and the beginning of the next day).

While you might be able to manage some risk by never devoting more than a certain percentage of your total portfolio to any one of your Martingale buying binges, you could at least acknowledge that any subscriber could lose a significant amount of money in any one of these “go big or go home” escapades.

P.S. If people zoom in on your equity curve, they can see that on January 14th your portfolio value dipped to $22k before it shot up to $50k, and that your individual trade details show intratrade drawdowns up to 75% of total equity. I am not sure if using the term “crazy” in your system description adequately discloses the roller coaster ride a real money subscriber might encounter while trading in this manner.


For me it looks like the odds are against the strategy:
a) Implied volatility on upside calls on Single Stocks is always too expensive (it’s a well known strategy to sell them covered, all Investment Banks do it). Especially on “crazy” momentum stocks like Netflix.
b) You are fullout long gamma, long vega and long delta on short expiration dates. You can see the position bleeding theta (paying time value) literally every minute when the market doesn’t move up.

It may be fun to scalp around like this with small investments but the 50k required would be too big for me.

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My last post seemed too nice because I thought you don’t understand the risk involved in your strategy but when checking out your profile I noted that you have blown up with Options 555, Tsvi Elberger, Think Big (2times!), Options 9900 and Option Master.
Very similar concept in all of them.

The reason why I mention it here is that it is against my believes to lure people into something that you know did not succeed in the past.

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You make mix and confuse between some past strategy that was absolutely bad and end by zero and some present system that went Down this month / like think big and the Swing man.

Yes my systems are more like start up and some of them was practice simulator for myself only.

I proud to have today one of the best systems on c2. And yes - I took me a lot of energy and time to be better.

every body understand that you can rescale and system and build deal with the risk that fit for you.

All the talk about the Greek is nice but mostly non relevant - my trading timing is better then ever and I don’t have thata influence as main problem.

When you remember great developer or inventor you can forget his past before he was so sucsessfull and same here. Nobody hurts from my system because I always made the systems first to myself and now it’s first time I go public and I happy for my results.

I know it’s hard to be say good word but I hope that my 2016 result will reflect my great ability to have working and useful system to all the people here.

And even crazy options 2016 (my new system) is better then the one before

i hope that my future result will speaks by itself as 2016 just started and my results this year is one of the best.
Of course it’s risky!

@MatthewKlein could you please clarify if I want to auto-trade this system with 10% scale how the following trades will look? Instead of 5 lots will it be 0 or 1?

As i say many times before - there is no Gain without pain.
and this is very high risk which use extreme intra-day lows of big stock.

I have my special plan how to spot them.

something i avarege down when i see that the stock is still interesting but this is not the method most of the time.

I tell you little secret - if you know to trade then it is not so bad to avarage down position, buy if you are gambler - then of course you can go to Zero.

I think that something when person wish to re-scale to 1/10 its better not to trade automatic but manually and get 2-3 ideas from me abd put the trades manually. its not so big job and te commisions are even better.

As i said before is gread that i have 50% DD so every body understand that you can’t get 400% gains without high risk.

in “crazy option” in this year i will trade more carefuly this year.
in “crazy options 2016” my new trading ststem i will make less trades and try to control to risk to 10-15% DD.

its kind of start up so sometimes i fail and some of my systems went kat year to “0” but i am improving and i hope thay everybody could lrean and enjoy this.

that is why i give discount coupon for new and old friends here.


With so much confidence and a desire to be honest why do you not trade your own system? Nothing is more honest than that.

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I did it before and it’s not working so good as I trade my account with both stock and options and use different side of accounts.

and I don’t have sometimes so much desire to have same risk, but I will consider this again in the future.

the system use the same brain and people with real money follows and cares mainly about the gains vs the risk.

When a system is so sucessful my Main goal is not to rush and risk too much now but to wish to have the best trades that I can make as I try In my real accounts.

So it’s OK for your subscribers to take on excessive risk but that does not work for you?

You can be sure that sometimes I risk more in my real life.

Anyway when I trade directly on c2 the fills for the client is better
And of course everybody free not to follow me …

Need I say more? Nuff said. Thank you for clarifying my point. In my humble opinion, especially in light of some of the recent system disasters on C2, none of which were TOS certified, for me at least, I will likely only consider TOS certified systems.
What better way to keep a developer in check than having his own skin in the game?
The good news is, if you are for real, the TOS should benefit you greatly.

I am developer of trading systems and see it as start up so failure is must when you jump high and try new things.

In my previous bad systems I risk too much- gain less and my buying timing was not so good.

And I am improving and that is why my training was good enough to get better results and to be on top here.

I have a project that I present on my Facebook groups - try to take $100 and make $10,000 with real account data.

I can’t promise anything in terms of gains and risk but I will do my best to control risk and improve gains

I am proud to be leader here

With all due respect you sound like you likely had a blowout due to improper management of risk.
Now you say you have learned your lesson and have made some much needed improvements.
And though you believe your system is now worthy, It is not worthy enough to risk your own money.
That is a very large red flag to me. I wish you the best but until you have enough belief to put your own hard earned money on the line, it is all hear say.

I wish you all the best - you made you point and I respect your way.

Actually respond like this give me positive encourage and January was my best month ever with total combined portfolio that gains 1000% totally with 34% DD combined risk.

My top 3 systems are not correlated and when you sort the popular and best c2 systems by gains they reach 1+2 places ( the lat one is new bus should be on top too).

When you check % Rate of success and profit factor you can’t ignore the results are better then most systems and most people would die to get yearly results like we got this months.

we can’t promise anything but to improve all the time and make effective trading. timings is everything and when you check crazy options 2016 - you can see that we have even better result in terms of gains vs risk.

You sould be aware that maybe I have more then 1 account in real life and that 90% of my trading in my systems and real life could be the same…

Anyway you should remember few things:

I will consider trading again real account.
Some people trade the same with real account and enjoy the nice gains.
Past result never reflect the future

Thanks for giving me great drive to get improve!

The top 2 systems have better gains and less risk measure by heart attack index then the other systems