...and a thousand trades later, still making money

My system has just passed the 1000th trades mark, with a new equity high. Although I am not crazy about the month’s 2.8% return, that is still a cool 1K in cash, paying nicely for the subscription fee and more.

I actually don’t like the high number of trades and in the future I plan on trading much less and keep the winners running more, but if you wanted a good statistical sample size, 1000 trades is a nice round number.

I got curious and looked up just how many system reached 1000 trades and there are only 6, not surprisingly mine is the most profitable. Before you mention my big DD, the last one was 5 moths ago and all the other frequent trading systems have at least 30%. As you can see lately I have been more risk averse.

Anyhow, I figured I would celebrate this milestone with this post and see you in the 1000 trades club for a drink!


Congrats on your system!

Martingale. Wiping out the novices on Collective2 since the site started.

Negative -48%? Tell me you’re joking.

Hi @PedroPannon ,

I would like to understand how you were able to enter and exit fractional contracts. For example on Sep 29th you bought and sold 0.536 crude oil contract. In case if the screenshot here is jumbled, you might want to scroll through the trade record.


It is because I rescaled the system and that is how C2 handles the rescaling.

No, it is +157% and I am not joking. But since you brought it up:

  1. Would you risk 50 cents to make $1.50?
  2. All the other systems of the 1000 Trades Club have at least 30% DD.
  3. Last big DD was 5 months ago.
    4.All DDs were made back in 2 weeks or so.

You have any more questions?

Novices, haha, i am one of the oldest member of C2. There is nothing wrong with averaging in, as long as it is prudently done. Lately I haven’t even been adding to positions…

Now come on have a drink in the Club, it is on me!

I didn’t mean you were a novice. I meant novices are the ones who join systems doing martingale… usually pay some of the highest fees on C2… and then get wiped out as their reward.

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what’s the system name?

and the system is called?

Pannonia IV (and this post needs to be 20 characters)