Free trial is back CraZY+9900 SYSTEMS

in the picture - top 5 systems
the list is “leading systems” on c2 planet sort by gains

i am happy to find my 3 systems there again.

two last months - we had some drop - but systems have still nice gains and Sharpe Ratio (the extra value for the risk)

all systems vary risky so everybody should condiser this and scale down.

as we have some more space for new friends i give again 7 days of free trial for all 3 systems.

best by gains 10K start - high DD: crazy system:

Best By Gains Vs DD (200% vs 20% risk) 9900 options - big system by money:

feel free to ask my in private any question

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its not my list but c2 list

Euro Fox is on 6th place so maybe next time it will be on top5

Your list is missing Euro Fox

I’ve compared 2 periods for your Crazy Options system: before 1st subscriber joined you and after. These periods have approximately the same in length. I can say that subscribers really disturb your trading. Compare:



Dear Andrey - I wish to get from you link to systems with Better results on 2016 or total

Meanwhile I wish you all the best

Free Trail to “Crazy options” is ended
Free trail to Crazy 2016 and 9900 option will continue till 6.6.16 06:06AM

top5 systems on C2 planet as sort by gains

9900 Options -

BEFORE: +168% income (100k > 268k), 23% max dd (161k > 124k) in around 2 weeks
AFTER: +13% income (268k > 302k), 11% max dd (327k > 291k) in almost 4 months.

Definitely you trade better without subscribers.

sorry but I think the graph is not update!

I don’t know what value you bring to the world here- all data is well known.

Please bring added value by finding BETTER systems and tell the world and me about them or create your own systems with better gains and DD.

its my dream to find better systems so I can stop working and invest in them…(just kidding)

always better to follow 3 systems =1080% gains vs 34% risk

Just my opinion but “better” systems don’t try to return so much, they return less but more safely. Imagine you had a million dollar trading account. Do you need 200% returns on that account to be able to live off it? Would you risk losing such a big account on a high risk system? So are the wealthy using 200% return systems? I doubt it. Extremely high return systems (again IMO) are used by people with small accounts in hopes of “getting rich”–it’s like gambling. And the higher risks tend to keep the goal from ever happening. You say your dream is to find better systems so you can invest in them and stop working… and that’s a very enlightening statement. You make such high return systems why aren’t you already living off them? Are you trading them at all or only looking for subscribers?

My point is there are better systems, but what “better” means depends on who is doing the judging.

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Dear David
please show me Better system or system that you like so I can check Its parameters.
some people like to risk X for the chance to get 16X
if you like to risk X to get X then lets check why
you are VERY Wrong about the size on money - you always can scale down.

the only parameters that you should care for is GAINs VS RISK and SHARPE value parameters.

please bring example for system that fit you risk taste and I promise to check it and see if the less risk have value by Gains. less risk itself its only half of the story.

by the way - 9900 options - 23% risk VS 200% gains
I didn’t meet yet the person that can’t risk 20% for the chance to get 200% gains.

some people follow with 200% some by 20%

The size of the systems is not so important!
we are adults and know the risk =no Gains without pain

you follow as much as you wish by scaling down

if you have 1 million you could (“Hypothetical results”…) follow 9900 option with risk of 200K and maybe gain 2 Million
or to risk 20K for the chance to get 200K gains
or to risk 2K for the chance to get 20K

ts funny that we need to explain this…

I have no dog in this fight, but as i mentioned prior the system is not trading based on its original first month. It appears you are riding on the coat tails of the startup performance and are only in this to rip off subscribers. You have never answered why the systems you develop make all their gains before subscribers then do nothing when a subscriber appears. Performance speaks for itself.

Based on the 8% performance that subscribers have received, I can find many strategies that are outperforming yours.
Instead of endless promotions of your strategy asking for new subscribers to risk X to receive Y… why dont you focus on your trading instead of promoting?

If you can start outperforming other strategies, you wont need to continue to promote your system and subscribers will show up to see these large gains you are making because c2 will show you outperforming other systems. I would like to see your strategies outperform others but instead im seeing an abundance of promotions and not a lot of performance.

its funny that you put so much energy for the same arguments as we see before so many times
nothing new or interesting to the public.
yes its risky
yes its bad
yes it had more DD after new friends.
you risk too much (say X person) you risk less then before (say Y person).
when i gains 750% its not good.
when have 90% win rate its risky system.
so don’t follow me - and ask other to so the same. its ok!

its always funny that people that don’t trade or develop anything feel free to teach other what to do

BUT if you all have some trading skills - show your results…
I am still waiting for links…your systems…other good systems.

i will be happy of you all show me Value systems, better systems, in your opinion.
till you do this - its no real argument here.

Here only the statistics Speaks

In 2 weeks of starting you made 180%. In 4 months you made 8%. Show us you can shine again and the systems you have are the best on c2 as you claim them to be. I have faith in you friend and so do your subscribers… thats why they are paying you to make them money!

Good luck, im cheering for you.

please try to show better systems in your opinion
please check crazy options again over 3 months.


Again I don’t qualify your systems as bad or good. Subscribers will vote by their dollars and, since you’re promoting here again, looks like they already voted. I just wanted to illustrate that the amazing profits you are referring are obtained during systems childhood and now your systems are flat during last 3 months (around 2/3 of their life) and is still in drawdown. And the drawdowns got deeper.
As of better systems - you have The Grid and Leading Strategies list, so better systems are there.

I have a question if you don’t mind: I am not familiar with options trading maybe I am incorrect - your last BABA trade - quantity 1447, average open price 0.63. So the opened position size was 1447 x 0.63 x 100 = 91161$ with account size 65k. Am I correct?