Credit card rejection

Hey Matthew (or someone at C2),

I sent two emails regarding a problem with a rejected credit card, did you receive them? In a nutshell, my CC is being rejected and I don’t know why. It happens every month when renewal is due. Eventually it will be accepted after trying several times, but I’ve already been unsubscribed twice due to unsuccessful renewals. It’s not a problem of credit limit. Could you look into it? Thanks.

did you receive a new credit card (perhaps different expiration date or dif number)? Or any change to your name/address? This for anyone else you share a credit card with (eg, spouse or dependent)…


The credit card companies are annoying and inexplicable. The banks/processing networks make it difficult for businesses run on the Internet. We need to submit your card for approval. If the banks don’t approve, then we don’t get paid. If they choose not to approve your card (“Transaction Declined”) there is nothing in our power we can do, except try again. There’s no human being we can call and ask, “Hey, why did you decline ironcito’s card?” It’s not even clear who declined the transaction and why. (Your bank? Our merchant processor?)

My advice is either to let the C2 software try charging your card again (it will try three times) and wait for the stars to align in our favor, or call your bank and ask if they can see the charge attempt by C2, and - if so - why it was declined. The final option is to try a new card, if possible.

Index’s note above is also a good one. Make sure that your 3-digit verification code is correct, and make sure your address is filled out properly in your C2 account records, since we do address verification on the transactions.


Thanks for your replies. The data is always the same, C2 fills it in automatically, yet sometimes it is accepted and sometimes (increasingly more often) not. However, I did try a few variations, with no success. The only other card that I have, and my main card, is an Amex, which is already not accepted :frowning:

I guess I’ll keep trying.

I’ve tried three cards from different banks, several times, making sure all the info is right, and still I get rejected. I would ask if your merchant processor is rejecting non-US cards, but there are plenty of non-US subscribers at C2 who seem to have no problem. I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to C2. Any chance of Amex or Paypal in the near future?

Let’s take this discussion off the forums and to email. Please email me the 3-digit “security code” on the back of your card, the last 4 digits of the card you are trying to use, and the expiration date you enter. (Only that info and no more, please.)

I agree that Paypal, Google Checkout and/or MoneyBookers would be a strong addition. Entering credit card information NOT on the website would be more encouraging, as that is the way that many websites do things now.

Matthew, did you get my e-mails?

I hope to have a chance to look into why your bank rejects the credit card transactions later today.

(Or why our processor is rejecting your transactions.)

Matthew, When do you plan on adding Pay Pal as payment option?