Credit card has failed 1 time. We have politely \\\\\\

If I have to guess I am not the only one that get this kind of messages … But since It is going to happen often with users having a C2 membership ONE day long would not be more appropriate that C2 will start to perform a validation of the credit card of new users OR take the responsibility for the payment before to disclose our systems? Another way will be the use of PAYPAL which I am unsure why is not available here. THX!

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We do indeed validate credit cards before any subscription. Sometimes, later, the transaction is declined. When trading is involved, we try to extend the benefit of the doubt to a customer, whose trading may be interrupted if we terminate a subscription abruptly. This is why we have a grace period for customers who have already been validated, but who then – subsequently – have a credit card declined.


I completely agree with your case. However the case depicted is toward new comers that because they did not start trading yet they will not suffer any trading abruptly interrupted. I am sure you got my point without going too much into detail.

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