Pay by Paypal


Many customers want pay by Paypal, and C2 dont have this method. Then many providers as my system can loss potential customers.

These customers dont want pay by credit card.

Can you add this choose of Paypal?



I second that. Should be pretty easy to implement.

My main card is an Amex, which C2 doesn’t accept, and I’m always having trouble with my Visa being rejected/accepted arbitrarily here too (right now, as a matter of fact).

Plus, PayPal provides security for new users who may not trust C2.

As if to prove the point, I was just forcibly unsubscribed from a system because my Visa card was declined, even though it was accepted just 2 weeks ago at the beginning of the free trial, and I haven’t made any charges on that card since then.

I realize this is most likely not a common problem, but PayPal availability would really help.

i agree with you . Same thing has happened to me too.