Creditcard's turning point strategy

my system showed gold futures has topped at 1377.5 and gld has topped 131.14

like what i said, the turning point strategy put on the top and call at the bottom

now I am holding gld 128put expire July 15th, the 1.6% down for the bi-weekly option was excellent

my system predict gold futures Friday close price will be 1325.33, but this is not the target i took profit

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7-day free trial end 3:00 pm EST July 8th, and 399/month afterwards.

well, the static looks OK so far
-31.9% Cumul. Return
59.7% Max Drawdown

The gold futures did not close at 1325.33 Friday, but it will open low on Monday at 1353 and close 1334, then you will see 1325.33 on Tuesday and I am ready to out 128put on Wed around 1317 (gld 125.93), hopefully sell at 2.5.

Again, free-trial has been ended and $999/month, not 399/month anymore

why? with all the fake bullish sign for gold, lots of people looks for 1400,1420,1500 for the gold, and you will understand how value my system is next Monday,