Follow SNP GLD Swing

Please follow my strategy SNP GLD Swing. I have long way to go to prove it here. But it worked for me in last 2 years in both long and short market. I am using futures but you can use xETF. Avoid options.

Slow and steady, up 30%+ in 2 months. And this is cumulative strategy. Keep watching me.

Still long way to go to prove it here. But it is worth keeping an eye on my Strategy.

Gold and S&P returned me well since I captured the swing.

It is little odd how max drawdown is calculated. It affects a lot for future based strategy. Gold future picked a lot yesterday pre market and ended going down -2+%. That affected my max drawdown even though my current positions are still very much positive. I believe they should calculate since last transaction since most of the subscribers would follow that.