Crowd Opinion

I love the new “Crowd Opinion” feature, but what is the pitchfork supposed to represent (if it even is a pitchfork)?

Does it mean "the crowd will hunt down bad system developers in the middle of the night, armed with torches and pitchforks?"

Or maybe it means " the systems developers really can shovel the "!

Anyways, it is a nice features, sans the pitchfork icon…


The Analyst Page allows you to put together a list of trading systems that are currently interesting to you. You can keep tabs on systems, write notes and comments, track results. Then you can share your page with others. Even cooler: you can look at other people’s Analyst Page, and discover interesting systems by following the advice of people you trust!

Seems to me that the pitchfork is being used by some ex-subscribers to a system to shovel the sh.t, and by some system vendors to humor others by promoting systems like the “API Test System.” This, in my opinion defeats the above stated purpose of the “My Analyst” feature, because clearly they are not interested in those systems.

Why do we have the system review feature that is supposed to take care of the sh.t well enough. There is no substitute for due diligence (dd) on the part of the viewer/potential subscriber. Instead of acting on faith on anothers opinion, I hope that the absence or presence of a system on the “My Analyst” feature does not discourage the dd part. Request some moderation by the C2 admin, please…

ps: words in italic added by me.

Pal: I’m not sure I understand what you are asking me.

P.S. To answer the earlier question: The pitchfork is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a mob with pitchforks and torches running through the village, hunting whoever upset them.