Matthew, please explain:

Matthew, could you please explain "In addition, you agree to grant to Collective2 LLC a free subscription to your trading advice."

I want to understand what happens with the free subscription to the trading advice.

1. Do you make available individual results or aggregate of multiple results to other affiliates or partners, individuals or companies ? If so please explain!

2. Do you or your company or your affiliates or partners trade based on individual trading advice or aggregate of the trading advice? If so please explain!

Thank you!

We never sell or offer your system to anyone except to people on C2, for which you receive C2 compensation.

Basically, the clause is a way to avoid any misunderstandings or angst by system developers. Early in C2’s history, one loopy system developer was enraged that C2 and C2 employees could “see” his system without subscribing to it. Despite my protest to him that it made it quite difficult to administer the web site and test the C2 software, he protested that we had no “right” to see his system without paying for a subscription. Thus, we carved out this term in the Terms of Service, to eliminate any potential issues.


Let me underline this with a concrete example:

There is a close relative of Matthew Klein who subscribed to one of my systems.

He is

1) the father of Mathew and

2) a paying subscriber

This enjoyed me a lot and gave me some confidence that C2 staff indeed uses all the details of any given trading system for debugging purposes only.

Matthew, can you just answer those 2 questions with Yes/No please? I don’t need explanations. Yes/No is what I need to know.


The answer to both questions is no.