Customise Open Orders table

I am almost sure that it is not possible, but I will ask anyway. :slight_smile:

For now I am manually entering the orders on the webtrader, so I use the platform quite a lot. I would like to customise the columns that I can see in the Open Positions table, but I guess it is not possible at the moment. Is it?

My wish list for the Open Positions table:

  • Delete “Date” and “Side”
  • Add “Value” (total value of the position)
  • Add % (Value of the position/total assets)
  • Add Take Profit price
  • Add Stop Loss price
  • Add %PL
  • All the columns should be sortable and filterable (like in Excel)
  • Add a line with Sum of Value of all positions

Somewhere on the top of the page I would like to see a Pie Chart with the total assets: with % of Money, % of Stocks, % of Forex, % of Options, etc