Adjusting open position orders?

Hey Guys I’m a system developer here and I can not find where to adjust my open positions?

ie: Say I wish to move a stop or add a limit order on an open trade where and how do i do that?


Do you mean you want to protect your open position using Stop, Limit orders to Close? (StopLoss, TakeProfit)…

If yes, you can simply create new Stop, Limit order using “ToClose” type.

In my example: Right now I have a long position with 2 contracts on ES. I used 2 Stop for risk management and 2 Limit order to exit my trades on profit. I created them step by step with order purpose STC (SellToClose). That’s it.

I hope this will help…

Yes thanks that was what I wanted to do


We will launch a Collective2 ChartTrader soon (NinjaTrader7 Add-On) that is the only desktop solution that is capable to create, modify , cancel any type of order directly from chart interface and our special order entry panel.

You can easily create StopLoss, TakeProfit using drag drop function or predefined rules (ATM).

Here is a screenshot:

Maybe you are interested…

We will update the community soon

All my best

Lorant Vari
CEO - AlgoSys LLC
C2Bridge Developer