Dashboard new feature request

Hello again.

A nice feature to add to the dashboard would the the P&L as a percent of the system’s net equity (scaled % for Auto Trade).

Thanks for considering my request.


Excellent idea. There’s a big difference

I don’t understand. Can you give me an example, using some numbers, so I understand what you are looking for?

The Live Feeds give $ P&L. It would be nice to express that as a percentage of the scaled system model account so one can see the relative returns.

Say you are trading two systems, both at 100%. Using a simple example, say System A has a scaled model account of $25,000 and System B’s account is $50.000.

Let’s say the P&L for System A is $250 and the P&L for System B is $375. It would be nice to also also express this as 1.00% for A and 0.75% for B.


AIT - Just a bit more clarification needed. When you say that on the Dashboard’s Live Feeds feature, you want to see the percentage gain or loss, I’m a bit unclear about which basis you want to use.

Example: Let’s say a system has $200,000 in its model account. You AutoTrade it at 50% scaling. In one day, it gains $2,000. Are you envisioning that $2,000 gain being shown on teh Dashboard as 1% (i.e. basis is system’s Model Account equity) or 2% (i.e. basis is system’s Model Account x your scaling)?

The system pct gain would be based on system net equity, and the auto trading pct gain would be based on on scaled net equity (i.e. system’s Model Account x scaling). The pct gain between the two should be the same except due to rounding of lots/contracts when scaling and due to impact of subscription fees.

Thanks again.