Daily P/L on Dashboard

Is there any place where I can see my own system’s (it is a test system with no delay or subscribers) daily P/L beside the Dashboard? That number is sometimes accurate, sometimes doesn’t show anything. I can understand a few minutes delays so it isn’t calculated constantly, but right now it shows zero, after trading the system for 2 hours…

it hasn’t worked consistantly since they rolled it out. I reached out for help and received a quick C2 response. The problem is, the dashboard still doesn’t work all the time!

I complained again and they said “they are working on it.” I understand the complexity in programing however I don’t understand the business decision to force clients to use something that doesn’t work properly when the old dashboard did!

OK, so it wasn’t just my system. I understand it is a resource hog for C2, so here is an idea:

Instead of calculating it for every system all the time (or whenever the dashboard is accessed) why not have a Calculate Daily P/L button and only do the math if the viewer pushes it??? It would then be accurate, and only taking resources when was requested and needed…

Hi, Guys:

The new “Dashboard” screen is a work in progress. In general, it does a pretty good job of displaying real-time P/L calculations for your various positions under different possible “views” (e.g. Model Account, Sim Broker Account, Real Life Broker Account).

But, as you suggest, there are some edge conditions where the real-time P/L it displays is quite weird. In some cases this is due to a bad tick coming across the quote feed, but in most cases this is due to a combination of circumstances I did not anticipate (incorrect calculation of basis, or a missing daily “opening” price, or whatever).

You can help me a lot by reporting any dashboard P/L calculation problems to the help desk (help@collective2.com) as they occur. Since the problems are “real-time,” real-time reports are most helpful. I’ll try my best to look at them as they are occur, though of course I can’t always get to them in time.

When reporting problems, please treat me like a moron. This part is extremely important. Don’t assume I will know what you are talking about if you send a vague email like: “My dashboard is wrong.” Much better will be: take a screen shot of the problem. Describe exactly which line you believe is incorrect, and tell my why you think it is incorrect, perhaps even proposing what you think the right value should be (not exact, of course, but having a baseline helps me more quickly understand the nature of the problem).

In general, each of these problems is an unique case, so I basically need to nail them down, one by one, as they occur.

Thanks for your help.


P.S. @PedroPannon: These issues are not caused by CPU resource constraints – not with the fancy new servers we’ve been installing lately. Rather, these are caused by weird confluence of circumstances that need to be corrected for on-the-fly. So my best course is to correct each of them as they occur.

I can understand if the open positions are incorrect or fluctuating, but the closed positions should be fairly straightforward to calculate and since they are closed, they are non-moving and standard, so I don’t see how tick problems could occur.

It is nice to know it isn’t CPU problem. I will try to do a screenshot in the upcoming days…

OK, I have just made 3 trades 10-15 minutes ago, and right now they are still not showing on the Dashboard Daily P/L, the value is still zero. No open trades shown, but I don’t have any. The time is 2:18 the system is Pannonia 3

I closed the Daily P/L on the top of the Dashboard (by clicking the top right corner), and I am not sure how to bring it back? I tried logging off and on. I don’t see any other ways to access it…