Data mining for fun and interest

Here’s an interesting query:
H2=“Popular systems by monthly subscription take”;
TABLE = (from stat in C2STATS
where stat.StatName==“numSubsNow” && stat.StatValueVal > 5
join sys in C2SYSTEMS on stat.SystemId equals sys.SystemId
select new {
Name = sys.SystemName,
Age = (DateTime.Now - sys.Started).Days,
Subs = stat.StatValueVal,
MonthlyFee = sys.MonthlyFee,
SubValue = stat.StatValueVal * sys.MonthlyFee,

It yields (3-Aug-18):

There’s a couple of big numbers there. I understand why number 2 might have sold some subscriptions but not number 1!!

The rest are remarkably consistent.


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Now thats a very interesting find. Are these the current top subscribed systems?

That list is by subscription income, the list by number of subscribers is a little different:

It brought ‘Bijagual’ to my attention and I have 0.2x to my model portfolio (see code#493) - it’s had a ‘positive’ effect…

There definitely something to be had by looking at stats!

Where exactly do you see the number of subscribers?


VIXTrader Intelligent tho ???

Where would 35 subscribers that want to part with $1000/m for that strategy come from ??
And with 35 subscribers and 24 trades made you might think there would be more than 54 auto trades placed huh? (24x35 = 840 possible)

Weird one that…

Nice work Chris Bayley. In the not too distant past C2 used to provide sub #'s for its subscribers but then they removed them to avoid “herding instinct”. Pffffttttttt.

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