Day/Night Futures Trading

I added a feature that makes it easier to trade both day and night futures contracts (i.e. “pit” and “electronic”).

As you futures traders know, futures generally trade for limited hours during the day. However, many pit-traded futures have alternate ‘electronic contracts’ available for trading during evening/off hours.

Now, it is a lot easier to combine both day and night contracts into single positions. For example, if you open a position with a standard (‘pit’) contract (for example SPZ4) during the day and want to close the position at night using the electronic contract (@SPZ4), you’ll be able to do that. (Or vice versa.)

In your system details page, a little picture of a clock will appear next to open positions that have both day/night contracts. Simply click on the clock to convert between day/night symbols. Once your position is labeled using the proper pit or electronic symbol, you’ll be able to execute your trade right away instead of waiting for the market to open.

Please let me know if you need help with this feature.


Nice one … well done for fixing this