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Searching day trading systems


Hello, I am new here. Is there a easy way to search day trading systems ? How can I make a query for strategies that open and close during the market hours?

If you may refer some good day trading systems, please do so!

Thank you


Hi Farhan,

My strategy seems to fit what you are looking for. I’m on the C2 top leaderboard with a C2 heart attack index of 1. For futures systems there are only 32 systems with this highest rating from C2 that are on this leaderboard. Please let me know if I can help assist you with your investing needs. You can private message me if needed. Thanks for your interest. Ronnie

  • we only trade ES
  • always exactly 5 contracts
  • never add contracts to make our price better
  • never take more than 1 trade a day
  • never hold overnight
  • have a goal of making $5000 per month

QuantStat2 Futures (112733962)


Hello Ronnie, thank you for replying. I look at your trades and I see all your losing trades were closed at end of market hours. So there are no stop-loss implemented?


Risk is our number one priority. There’s definitely a level where we’re closing out and that’s where the trade idea is considered invalid. If we’re not stopped out I’m simply getting out at the end of the day. Our stop levels are going to vary depending on a number of factors. For example if we’re expecting the VIX to support our trade idea and we expect the market to have trending ability our stops are much tighter and our targets much further those days as the market should just go based on our analysis. We widen our stops when we’re expecting the market to chop around. The one thing we’re not interested in is losing a month worth of gains on one bad trade because we got stubborn. Another thing about the way we’re taking trades. We’re really looking to align our trades where large funds are interested in coming in for the sessions. These large institutions are coming in once a day to conduct business with a short term outlook of 6 months. What we’re not interested in is taking trades anywhere else as we would be competing with high frequency firms. We’re not in the business of competing with HFTs we really want to be on the side of large funds that have the most influence for the session. We’re not sitting there drawing some fib levels on a 1 minute chart and drawing some bat pattern. Guys on the Goldman desk aren’t either they could care less about that. Please let me know if I can answer more questions. Thanks.


thank you Ronnie. I will definitely consider your system


Hey FarhanSaadiq, I see that no one actually answered your question, but instead you got the usual spam from the usual suspects. Let me see if I can help you with your search.

Go to the Grid and input the following parameters:

Strategy age (days) <=100, Num trades >=100. This will bring up two day-trading systems: one is a scam, and one is legit (see if you can figure out which is which).

You can do the same drill for longer time frames (i.e. Days <= 200, trades > 200, etc.), and just play around with the numbers. The main thing is, the number of trades needs to be the same as (or greater than) the number of days the strategy has been operating. If you get too large of a result set using just those two parameters, input some values for Sharpe, Annual Return, Profit Factor, Max Drawdown, etc. to expose some better systems.

Hope this helps!


Hello MarkAmspoker, Thank you for your reply. Did you mean ArtInvest PxV?
I will look up more from the grid this way.


Yes that’s a good one. Sorry, my search had an additional parameter: Profit Factor >= 2. So if you search Strategy age (days) <=100, Num trades >=100, and Profit Factor >= 2, you get two systems. “Wednesday” is the name of the good system, and the other has fake results accomplished by exploiting a C2 flaw (latency) in the price feed.


I am not very convinced of the “wednesday” strategy. The win-ratio is too good to be a good system.


Average win is $87.62. Average loss is $890. Figure out, what will happen to GIGO3. That’s easy to forecast what will happen to this strategy.


I do not know if there is a proper search criteria for identifying day trading systems (Let me know if you find a way!) But here is one from me you could consider - System just made a new equity high yesterday. Trades ES and NQ contracts.All positions -if any for the day - are closed at end of day. no overnight risk!


A long-short intraday model on ES and NQ just went live. Please add to your simulation to keep track!


Please note that the algos on the long side of

is different from the long algos of

combining them together should smooth out the equity curve


@QFund, what is the difference between the two systems and how do they balance each other out?


day trader futures is long only. day trader long-short as the name suggests takes short position as well. (long max 3 contract combinig es and nq, short max 1 nq and 1 es at current equity level)

moreover, the long side algos are different (as is evident from the trades today - had a better trade on nq on long-short system while had a relatively lower win from a ES trade on the other system)


So the net for both on a daily or weekly or monthly level would be positive each period? Its hard to see what net effect would be between the two because one of them is new.


am not claiming net would be positive. all i said is it will smooth out the equity curve by combining both.
sure, second is in the process of building track record. i hope the live results would be similar to the first in terms of return to drawdown ratio


Sure…lets see how they offset each other and hopefully be able to provide a smoother equity curve for portfolios


If you are looking for one of the highest Sharpe ratio systems (at present 6.7):


Yup, I have that in my watchlist…lol