Developer replies

I have a peccadillo with system developers ignoring mail.

I believe that with answering subscriber and subscriber-candidate mail, that the more a subscriber knows and gets comfortable with the risks, from developer replies, the more happy subscribers the developer will get.
And the less the developer will have to comfort the ones that didn’t see a loss coming.
I won’t name names here, but some developers just won’t answer mail, no matter how friendly a tone they are written with.

C2, while I’m on the subject, since the Private messages page has changed format recently, just wanted to confirm a feature there.
Here is a rough cut and paste of the entry that appears in the Private messages section when a mail has been read.

"Collective2 Admin You
Re: Trading System XX
Message viewed by Joe Developer at Wed Jan 8 18:03:00 2014.
The message you sent which was viewed appears below. "

What is a bit confusing, is that “Message viewed” isn’t always there when a reply from the developer is evident.
The developer must have seen it, but no “Message viewed” is there.
What are the conditions that “Message viewed” is shown?

I’ll also just add that “Message viewed” is shown as having been sent from Admin, and has a reply button shown, in order to reply to the Admin? …I have clicked it once, by mistake, thinking a reply was going to the developer, and so suggesting here that perhaps it can be removed in this case.
I’m sure there are plenty of similar minor bugs that this will join…
BTW the new system page looks good, …just have to get used to the bigger charts!