Disconnect between activity feed and subscribers

I’ve noticed this before for other strategies, and confirmed it with my own. In the activity feed MATTHEWKLEIN will show up as having subscribed to a particular strategy. However, when I go to the strategy page MATTHEWKLEIN won’t show up as a new simulation or subscription. I have noticed this multiple times. When it happened to my strategy I also saw that there was no new subscription or subscriber that seemed to correlate with it. I am sure it is something completely normal. I am just curious. I thought it might be whenever there was a new subscriber from the white label network, but it doesn’t show any new non C2 subscribers for me on that day.

FYI this occurred earlier this month when I took the screen shots. I just hadn’t asked the question until now.

I subscribe randomly to strategies often, to test various aspect of Collective2. I do not appear on subscriber lists.


Is LeonardBuzz also part of the C2 team?
I noticed him popping up in the activity screen yesterday. But I have no new subscribers.

He is not in the list of simulators either.
Also in the activity screen it says “… started simulation” for the others.