Subscription bots on c2?

I been surfing c2 and look at other good performance but new strategy on c2. What i came across is seeing alot new strategies are gaining good number of subscribers. WAY more than what i can gain. then my skeptism came to me first.

And What i see is batch of subscribers each and everyday subs on these strategies, but 99% of them were ALL brand new c2 accounts. Are anyone else seeing this ? or some strategies are really getting 10-25 new c2 member and new c2 subs every day ? are they bots or all trial members ?

When new members sign up, a “welcome to c2 wizard” helps them select a batch of strategies to trial in simulated broker accounts, to teach them how the site works.


how do strategies get on that list or how can a strategie get on “popular strategie” or “Strategies Making New Highs” list ?

Slightly randomized database queries.

what about Leading Trading Strategies ? there is strategie on the top 10 with 100% drawdown or strategie that was up 2000% today…

certain criteria your strategy need to hit first ?