System Status update

System “AV” shows 100 trades, 99 profitable. But it should be 107 trades, 107 profitable. These two fields haven’t been updated for the past two days.

Same here. The statistics for [LINKSYSTEM_38514834] have not been updated for two days.

Same here too. The monthly stats and chart have not been updated for OC55 for the last two days. Looks like Collective2 might be having a meltdown…

107 for 107? I believe that is called massive Hold&Hope + extreme Averaging Down. Like a $37,000 drawdown to get to a $205 profit…

Sheesh. No wonder you started with a $500,000 account. Sign me up…

What’s going on is that system recalcs are scheduled to happen during low-CPU usage periods. The problem is… there haven’t been any low CPU periods lately. We are working with our hardware supplier to get some new servers into our data center ASAP. Bear with us.

Chii! Jealousy is a very negative energy.

There are very few people who are jealous of vendors that use Hold&Hope and Averaging Down to give the illusion of profits. C2 has hundreds of systems like that in its past, and likely none of them lasted long. These methods are generally used by vendors who are either:

- dishonest

- too new to understand what is important in the world

- those who have no trading edge but want to make money anyway.

- have no idea how important trade & money management are.

Winning % is the least important stat there is, and it only works on newbies. And for any who blow out their account, you will be low on their list of "reputable people."