Dishonest subscribers rewiews

I’m very upset to read the rewiew that a bastard made against my High-Sharpe FX system.

No risk management!!!

I may have developped the only 2 systems on C2 with a clear and effective risk-management.

I don’t care if someone writes that my systems are only bullshit, but no one can argue my systems have poor risk-management!!!

I suspect that a concurrent system developper wrote it. Matthew, please banish him definitively from this site.


So, you want to keep only the good reviews and ban everyone who give you a bad review? What you consider as good risk-management someone else might consider as poor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and shouldn’t get ban because they disagree with yours.

Your system is not great that another vendor will try to bring you down. There are many other better system than yours. This will be futile for a system vendor to subscribe to all good systems to give them bad reviews.

While I don’t totally agree with the particular response that this vendor expressed, I agree with his contention that the system description rather clearly spells out risk criteria.

What is needed is some sort of text box that can be “attached” to the review if the vendor feels that a response is warranted, as it is in this case. Unfair reviews shouldn’t taint an otherwise good system.


I would accept any critisism concerning my system, if one subscriber wants to express his own opinion, bad or good, I have no problem with that.

When a review is deliberatly not telling the truth about one system it’s different. It is a fact that I ALWAYS enter stop-loss orders with each of my trades with NO EXCEPTION. But this review pretends my system use no stop-loss!!!

How can you explain the purpose of such a missleading review?

The only very special feature of my systems is the good risk-management and systematic stops.

Why does this idiot have to lie about facts?

This system does have stop loss and always instructs subscribers to move up/down the stop loss to lock in profit. Lily