Vendor rating?

How does a vendor with two useless systems like get a vendor rating of 750+ is bewildering? Gives me no confidence in actually taking vendor ratings seriously and would love an explanation on the reasoning behind a vendor rating of 750+ for two idiot systems like

they are idiot systems aimed at idiots like Sam G…

One system never traded and the other is slightly positive. THe rating shows you that most C2 systems are therefore negative.

I see your systems are doing much better.

Although delivered with anger, Ross’ answer is essentially correct. The C2 Score is a percentile ranking that weighs several factors, once of them being system longevity. And Ross essentially created two systems that basically stayed in cash over long periods of time. This strategy has outperformed 77% of the systems on C2.

Before you draw wrong conclusions from this, remember that C2 is an open platform that allows anyone to place a system on it – novices, inexperienced traders, etc. It shouldn’t be very surprising that a stay-in-cash strategy outperforms these traders. I would be surprised and worried (and doubtful about C2’s credibility) if this were not the case.

Mathew where did you get the 77% calcualtion? I would like to know what percent of vendors I am beating. Thanks

Just got it thanks.


At least I have not parted with two listing fees to proove that I can create two novice/amateur systems, so yes I agree, my non-existant systems will always have me in a better position relative to you.

A fool and his money are soon parted. Proverb

Now FO.

The second system was not "paid for" as it was never used. The first system was used for my own purposes, as C2 is an excellent testbed with a lot of functionality, and having subscribers was considered but ever allowed. And how I spend my money is my choice.

Your original post was uncalled for and both posts paint you as someone who wanders between ignorance and being relatively thick. If you plan to be a critic, you should at least go to the hospital and have some brains installed. You tend to lead with your chin.

MK - the reply delivered in anger, was in response to something posted in anger.