DMX fill on Monday

A stop buy-to-open trade of DMX at 3.42 was entered

Sunday night. Monday morning it was filled at 3.91. When

I checked my broker Amitrade’s trade record, I found

the highest transaction was 3.43. Yahoo also

reports it opened at 3.43. Other sources show the 3.91

price in intra-day chart but with very light volume.

My guess is that it was a bad trade and was probably

cancelled later.

I was wondering if the C2 record can be corrected, to

either adjust the entry price or cancel it.

Fortunately I don’t have any subscriber at this time.

I sent you an email yesterday at

but haven’t received any reply. Is this the right place to post?

BTW, C2 doesn’t seem to support stop limit order, does it?

Yes C2 doesn’t support stop-limit orders because the reason stated by MK is that not all brokers support it.

ps: It seems to me like a lame excuse. It also seems that there are 1000 excuses for an error or a handicap, but never a good reason.