Does Collective2 include Dividends in my returns?

Does Collective2 include Dividends in my returns?[LINKSYSTEM_54877956]

Yes. If you press the little down arrow on the top right of the system stats section, the dividends information appears at the end.

Thanks Dean, I just started my “system” a few weeks ago, and have had a few stock pass their ex-dividend date, but not yet the payment date, so I’m waiting for those dividends to be credited.

Steve or anyone, are dividends being posted correctly to our accounts?

Our system was just placed on Feb10th 2011 on C2 and had several recent divs hit in March. To-date I see only one dividend (outflow as we were short) and no other dividends in C2. And, repeated exchange with these C2 guys has been largely fruitless. Our live money account at IB has all the divs properly recorded on the ex-date and our trades on C2 match off with the live account.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.[LINKSYSTEM_57734195]

Hi, Sunil:

I took care of your missing dividends and responded via your help desk case. I apologize for the delay in my figuring this out.


Thanks Matthew, I see it now posted properly. Not sure why the other folks on your team were unable to address the issue nor even knew where the correct location on the Model Account Status section to see the dividends recorded (they kept telling me to look at the "Cash" section whereas it shows on the "Cumulative $" section. Anyway, you may want to provide a little guidance to them.

Is this now an automated process or do we need to stay abreast of it and alert you when the divs need recording?



Dividends have always been automated here at C2, but there are sometimes problems with our data feed which prevent proper handling. We generally work through these, one issue at a time, and the process has become relatively smooth, but there are still occasional hiccups. Again, sorry for the delay in getting this fixed.

Excellent! Thanks again.[LINKSYSTEM_57734195]