Matthew, as we discussed 3 months ago, just checking to see if you will be posting the following divs to our account. They have posted properly in our live money accounts:

Sym Ex-date Shrs Div/Shr $Amt

DIA 6/17/2011 100 0.21 20.81

SPY 6/17/2011 -20 0.63 -12.55

XLB 6/17/2011 50 0.21 10.26

XLE 6/17/2011 60 0.26 15.88

XLF 6/17/2011 -330 0.05 -17.46

XLK 6/17/2011 60 0.1 5.89

XLP 6/17/2011 370 0.22 80.26

XLU 6/17/2011 360 0.33 120.38

XLV 6/17/2011 150 0.17 25.49

XLY 6/17/2011 120 0.13 16.01

Total USD 264.97

Our share counts should be similar to if not exactly the same as noted above. Our acct only shows $140 total divs so far from the March div cycle, which is correct but now we have earned the addl $265.




Matt, have not seen or recieved any response of this request. The last time you all missed our divs, you stated it was an automated process and should not happen again. So, just wondering why these divs have not been posted as yet?



Hi Sunil, I also had dividends missing this month. There must have been some glitch in the C2 data feeds. My divs have now been correctly credited. I’m sure Matthew will get round to your case soon.


I’m going to try to dig into this today.

More soon -


Thanks Dean for the note. This market is enough of a struggle to earn a profit so I hope to have those booked before month end! -)

I have confidence in Matthew’s abilities.

Sunil [LINKSYSTEM_57734195]

Hi Matthew, just checking in to see the status of this issue? Our monthend results will not be right if we don’t get this straight within the next four days.



The pay date for most of these is 6/29, and that is when you should see them hit your C2 Model Account.

OK, but why would you use the pay date vs the ex-date to reflect dividends? That does not follow the real world conventions for performance reporting. [LINKSYSTEM_57734195]

Presumably because that is the date when the money hits a trader’s account, so C2 more accurately reflects the real value of an account. Having said that, the real value of the account is determined on the ex-div date…

But the delay is only a few days and does not make any difference in the long run, which is what really matters.