Double dip payment

I upgraded to a full subscription for Eurodollar Once a Day and made a payment of $$99.00 on 12/9/12 according to the payment records and my credit card company. However, under my subscription’s tab, it shows that a payment of $99.00 is due on 12/15/12. What gives? It looks as though your accounting system thinks that I have started another free trial period and plans to charge at the end of that period. At no time have I stopped my subscription and then re-started it.

Thanks Huck

I forgot to mention that on 12/6/12 before I made any payment I received an email from C2 stating that Pavel Ryzhov, the creator of the trading system called Eurodollar Once a Day had given me a lower price on the trading system subscription. There’s nothing that you need to do; the price reduction has been applied automatically. The price reduction goes into effect immediately. The reduction is as follows:

Instead of the standard price of $99.00 per month, you will

be charged $49.00 per month.

This reduced price will remain in effect for 12 billing transactions.

I did not see the discount and now I am being charged the full price twice in one weeks time. It would be nice to see a credit of $50.00 back to my card and an entry on my subscription’s tab that a payment is not again due until next year for $49.00.

Thanks, Huck

Hello Huck,

I have responded to you via email.

- Alen