Drilling down

I don’t understand the instructions for how to “drill down” to see more detail on trades. It says to put your mouse over the grey text. What does this mean?



For example, go to VN Forex, to the table below Track Record. At the (now) second row you see:

BTO 30 USD/JPY 113.870 8/16/07 12:02 STC 30 112.980 8/16/07 12:08 ($2,360) Low ($2,360)

The text BTO is typed in a grey box. When you move your mouse over this box, you will see a tooltip with more information about this signal. Similarly, the first ($2,360) is typed in a grey box, and when your mouse over it you will get more information about the drawdown.

A little above the table you see also some switches to get other information on the table, like the Realism Factor (RF) Calculations. When you click on "on" then this information is also displayed in a tooltip that becomes visible when you move the mouse above the right point.

Thanks for the info Jules. It was helpful.