Bug in entering trading signals to C2

It look like the" preview " button not working much today . One signal not displaying in my orders list , yet arived to email .I would like to set stop entry order to sell gbp/usd yet cannot coz it spits messages that cannot set stop entry above current price , which is teling me that there will be problem with some quotas on C2 as in real world the price is above my planed sell entry order .

Another day , another dollar :>)

Server logs do confirm there was a quote feed outage for forex at around this time (which may be why you were warned that your stop price was outside of trading range). However everything appears to be back up and running, so please try your orders again and let me know if there is still a problem.

For future reference: even if the system “warns” you that your stop or limit is outside of range, you can still enter the order (something you might want to do if you think there is a temporary blip in the quote feed).

I’ll try to figure out what caused the brief outage this morning and fix it, so that it does not recur.

I apologize for the problem.


It has been plesure to work on setting orders on C2 today . Thank you Matthew .