E-mail problem


I did this morning 4 futures rolls for my system on C2 (so I placed 8 orders), but I received only 7 e-mails. It is not the first time this happens. Are the missing e-mails not sent out or are they blocked somewhere? I don’t think that my e-mail server or my spam filter is to blame.

We keep audit logs of all email attempts. If you tell me the particular signal you did not receive, I can examine the logs to verify that it was really sent, and - if so - at what time. I should say, though, that in several years of doing this, I haven’t yet found a signal that wasn’t sent. Typically we find some kind of spam filtering problem or delay issue on your isp’s mail server. But I’m happy to take a look. Email me the details of the missing signal.

I just sent you the e-mail