E-mail problem?

No any email from C2 this morning?

3 of my systems fired orders this morning (3 total signals).

1 e-mail was sent, 2 were not.


The long-promised email upgrade was installed late last night.

… And so, of course, the long-feared email upgrade bugs were fixed this morning.

Thus: A bunch of emails were missed and are now being sent (late). Once the system catches up, things should be okay moving forward. I’m sorry for this problem and the inconvenience it caused system developers and subscribers.

Hopefully, now that the upgrade has been done, our email issues will be solved.


Still no emails from trades I made 2 hours ago.

1) While the email "bugs" are being worked out, can you suggest a work around for vendors and subscribers?

2) Suggest you notify C2 members before new releases of the C2 software with details of the upgrade.

I concur with suggestion 2. That is an excellent idea.

For a workaround, CEO, what I do is have an e-mail list of all current subscribers, and I send them an outside e-mail (not from C2 "broadcast to subscribers") whenever I see something odd going on with C2. I had to send 2 e-mails this week.



Thank you for your suggestion.

I already send out a subscriber "C2 broadcast" and an e-mail the night before, detailing my intended trades for the next day. My question was really aimed at finding a C2 work around.

The big issue is that the broadcast had a problem as well as the C2 trade notification. Those are the only two ways I know to communicate thru C2. Without a workable C2 communication method, a C2 subscriber does not know how many shares to trade.

Okay, guys, I understand the importance of making sure email communication with your subscribers is flawless and rock-solid. This is the reason we rewrote the email infrastructure and installed the new email-related code last night. I hope to have all issues resolved asap.


Perhaps this might work if you know what trades you will execute in advance. My system is EOD and I know what I will execute the night before, so the following helped me.

"Park until" the night before, this should generate an email to your subscribers of your intentions. You can also add a comment. Once the "park until" expires and is executed, your subscribers should receive another email that details that transaction.

I tried this last night with 2 trades. The "park until" email was sent out. Unfortunately, the actual trade email (this morning) was not sent from C2.

Matthew -

CEO mentions an e-mail problem this morning. A subscriber to Gen 2 and Gen 3 - Mini S&P Only reports he did not get the e-mail this morning. I also did not get any e-mails today, and only some yesterday.

Can you update everyone on status of the e-mail fix?



Hmm. Well, based on this feedback, I guess the fix didn’t actually, you know, fix. Let me take a look at what’s going on, and I will update shortly.

OK, we are trying some new code. Let me know if you see an improvement in email reliability.

I’d be very careful about that, Kevin, as it borders on individual advice outside of C2’s TOS.

I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder if terms of service apply when the service itself fails. On a more practical level, should a vendor care if C2 cancels his system for specious claims of TOS violations if C2’s failure sabotages subscribers in trying trade that system? It’s the same outcome.

I’m just looking out for subscribers who paid to get trading recommendations. I want to make sure they get what they paid for. I would certainly hope C2 would agree that what I am doing doesn’t violate C2 TOS - if it does, someone please let me know, and we’ll figure out another way.


I believe the TOS have nothing to do with having outside customers or emailing customers. Rather, soliciting customers via methods such as offering cheaper terms, etc.


Per your request.

I had two trades yesterday and two trades today, all 4 say "Emailed, trade filled " in C2. I received no email correspondence on any of the 4.

This seems like a major problem. I’m surprised more members vendors and their subscribers are not complaining.

Allow me to repeat my previous question to you. Is there a C2 work around while you are fixing the problem?

2 trades today - I received an e-mail for each.



I have looked at the server logs and apparently, since the software upgrade, all signals were successfully sent to your email address. Can you please check your spam folder if you disagree with this?


Thank you for your reply.

I checked all my spam folders, nothing from C2 is there.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding what communications I should receive from C2.

Here is the scenario of events.

1) 10/27/08, 10PM – Park a trade until 10/28/09, 10AM

2) 10/28/09, 10AM – Parked trade is released

3) 10/28/09, 10:01AM – Trade is filled

My expectations

C2 should notify me and my subscribers when my trade is parked and when my trade is executed (item 1 and 3). In this scenario, I expect two separate emails (item1 and item3).

The past two days, I received an email when my trade was parked (item1) but not when my trade was filled.

In this scenario, should my subscribers and I receive 2 separate emails?

Yet again, this was my fault.

I spent the past hour staring at the email code, and, sure enough, I had made a little boo-boo, which prevented some emails from being sent. Well, actually, most emails. Okay, okay, almost all emails. Impressive, huh?

So: New code was installed at about 10PM New York time, Oct 28th. Please let’s see how it goes tonight and tomorrow. I think this latest fix will probably do the trick.