Easy-Switch Confusion

In the Portfolio Health section, I get the following:

I’m a bit confused by this, because it implies that if I go through with the switch, I’ll be able to set AutoTrade scaling to 800% on what is a C2Star strategy. In real life, after subscribing to a C2Star strategy, I was disallowed from setting my scaling beyond 100%. When selecting a C2 plan, I don’t even recall the plan itself (1 strategy at up to 100%, 3 strategies at up to 300%, etc) warning me that I would be unable to scale any C2Star plan beyond 100% (which is typically $50K to $60K per the rules).

This is, in essence, soliciting me to subscribe to a service offering (YM AGRI with 800% scaling) which cannot be delivered. I hope you see the problem in this. Have I missed something? Are there some C2Star strategies in which greater than 100% scaling is allowed? Is there a C2 plan in which this restriction does not apply? Where is this limitation stated while selecting a plan or subscription?

Hi, Lew -

You’re right. We should make it clear that if you use “Easy Switch” to switch into a C2Star strategy, you won’t be able to allocate more than 100% to that strategy, due to the limitations of C2Star strategies.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll make it more clear.

Thanks, Matthew. Here’s a follow-up question…

Is there some alternative (or synthetic) way of scaling these up, that does not involve the undesired practice of opening up multiple login accounts on here, and multiple brokerage accounts? For example, allowing a subscriber to pay 3x the subscription fee in order to attain 300% scaling?

Given the fact that (if I recall correctly) C2Star requires strategies rescale so as to remain within $50K to $60K, it becomes impractical to allocate $200K per strategy, for example… but I would certainly be willing to pay to do so. Any plans to resolve the above, or am I the only one finding this necessary?

Hi, Lew:

That’s not something we support at this time. I decided a while back (at the request of subscribers and strategy developers both, actually) to implement a scaling cap on C2Star strategies, because it seemed at the time (and still does appear) that the kinds of strategies that “work” to meet C2Star requirements have limited available market liquidity, and we don’t want larger accounts to soak all of that up, at the expense of multiple smaller subscribers.

I know this is not a perfect solution, and there are equally valid counter-arguments against this policy, but this is the current state of things.

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