Email notification with subscriber information?

Hi Matt,

just a short question…

I get several emails, some from subscribers, and some from people who are interested in my trading system GermanFX. As far as I see it, I only get the name of the sender with the notification email, but not the information if he´s a subscriber. So I have to go through the subscriber list to check that…

Is there a possibility to get that information right from the beginning with the notification email? Or maybe I just got something wrong?

Your feedback is appreciated.

Kind regards

Michael [LINKSYSTEM_42855299]

Good question, I have been wondering the same thing.


Sorry - could you copy and paste the exact email you’re talking about (removing private info of course) so that I can understand specifically what you see and can understand what is missing?


Hi Matt,

this is an example (when I receive the email, I don´t know if NAME is a subscriber, so I´ve to go manually through my subscriber list. It would be great if this notification email could say “NAME is a subscriber to GermanFX” or similiar, or “no subscriber”):

"Re: Private message from NAME


You have received a private message from NAME.

The message is waiting for you in your C2 Private Message Center.


Go directly to your C2 private message center:





Don’t want to be alerted by email when you receive a private message? This setting can be changed by clicking the “MY ACCOUNT” item in the top navigation bar, after you log in.


This is a computer-generated email.

Please do not reply to it. No one

can read your reply.