Entering Buy Stop and Sell Stop Orders properly

Before using C2 on my new system, I was hoping someone could explain the proper way to place a new order on a futures contract (ES for example) where the entry is a buy stop or sell stop order.

Also, is it possible to code these entries as buy stop limit or buy stop market orders?


A better question may be - is there a demo where you can just play around with the C2 software without it counting in your system? I just want throw some orders out there and see how C2 reacts.


Yes. You need to create a test system. Word of warning: creating a test system costs a listing fee. I sometimes get complaints about this, but it’s the only way I can keep the site from being overwhelmed by people who just want to screw around (thereby sucking up resources) but who never intend to create a real system.

Anyway, to do this, create a system. Then, before you enter a trade signal click the EDIT link next to your system name. Then scroll down and look for the portion of the screen where you can designate a system as a test system.

By the way, one nice thing about the test system is that you can reset it to a pristine state as often as you like… very useful for testing!


I see. It would be nice to at least give a brand new vendor a number of ‘these don’t count’ trades just to get used to the interface.

you get 5 free trades, I believe, before being billed.

But those trades count against the performance, good or bad. I was just wanting to test drive the car before buying it.

There’s a reason for this, Chris. If I didn’t do this, people would start infinite test systems, see if the first 5 trades were profitable, and only keep those systems that were. That’s why you need to commit to making it a nonpublic test system before you start.


Actually Cris offers good idea. Why to not have one demo account for everybody who is trying to learn C2’s interface as a system vendor? So any system vendor if he/she isn’t sure about how C2 works with particular type of an order can log in and try it without any risk. You cannot tests a system in the mess, because there will be bunch of other people who is trying different things, but you can be sure about your actions in real system in future.


P.S. Just a suggestion. My 2c

Good idea, Eu. Actually, we had something like this a while ago, but I never promoted it. OK. Here it is: you can use the following login to test whatever you like:

login email: apitestaccount@mailinator.com

pw: password123

This login is the satisfied owner of system # 12570749, called API Test System.

Be aware that one million other people will also be using this test account, so it won’t be a perfect test platform, but it should be helpful for those of you too cheap to pay for your own test account. :wink:

Good luck!


Well… It’s up to you of course, but you have to do three things:

1. Make the account unlimited.

2. Specify time of resetting of the account. When all trades will be removed. I think one week is enough for playing with C2 orders.

3. Put the info in C2’s FAQ. Otherwise the forum message will be buried.

It should be official. :wink:


P.S. Maybe it’s better to have two different accounts for demo and API? It’s one thing when you play with API and it’s very different thing when you just trying to understand C2’s interface.

P.S.S. It’s up to you.

I think Matthew’s reply was somewhat sarcastic. EU, I know English isn’t your first language, so perhaps you missed it. I can also be mistaken on my interpretation.

I think the point is that if someone isn’t willing to invest $100 or so for an exclusive, unlimited testbed on C2, then there’s no point in taking anything they do seriously.

Keep in mind that a huge ton of the business done here on C2 is of vendors that THINK they have a system that will make money. It’s a significant revenue stream that allows C2 to operate. Why should C2 give away all this expensive site architecture? It’s part of the business model to offer testbed services to up and coming system designers.

That’s my take.


I wish I were as clever and comical as you suppose. Alas, my answer wasn’t at all sarcastic. The password and login I describe above are completely valid and really do allow for the testing of any C2 functions that you desire.

No kidding!


Yes, I knew the test account information provided worked, I checked it.

Since everyone has access to it (as Matthew pointed out), one can’t test anything meaningful on the account mentioned, beyond basic “oh, this is how orders work on C2”.

Other platforms charge more per month than C2 charges for the initial six month listing of a new system I stand by my previous statement.

Like I said, I just wanted to test out a small handful of orders just to make sure I got the feel for the platform. That’s it. Didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

I understand that you cannot turn it into an unlimited testing thing, but with every new system, if you provided the option of up to 5 ‘free’ trades (trades that do not count against the performance) that would be nice in my opinion. This way, you cap the max someone can test something out and people like me can get a feel for the platform easily.

Thanks for the info Matthew, I will test out tomorrow morning.


I think Matthew’s reply was somewhat sarcastic. EU, I know English isn’t your first language, so perhaps you missed it.

Well… There are a lot of around trading writers at C2. Only MK is confirmed writer, but he is just a writer :wink: Unfortunately for around trading writers and fortunately for me trading language doesn’t accept your writing skills.

I think the point is that if someone isn’t willing to invest $100 or so for an exclusive, unlimited testbed on C2, then there’s no point in taking anything they do seriously.

The question isn’t in 100 bucks. C2 should follow a stream. C2 is unique service, but let’s compare:

1. Broker - free demo account for becoming familiar with the broker interface. C2 - none.

2. Broker - free simulation account if you opened account with the broker. C2 - none. $100 - per test/simulation account.

At the moment C2 is out of main stream. imho.


I really want to test out just one of my systems before paying the listing fee, and really 5 trades is completely unrealistic, I can only close a maximum of 2 trades!

I think about 30-50 or so trades is reasonable, or even better every user should have one ‘test’ system where they could privately test out anything they wanted to with unlimited trades (and have the option of making this public). I know this might be too much for you to consider implementing, but I think it will have a positive effect on the amount of people interested in the website.

I have paper traded and testing my system for 3 months, but only on Australian stocks, so I am not confident in immediately paying the listing fee since I will be trying my strategy on US stocks. I would much rather test out the strategy on US stocks through C2 rather than on paper since it gives me a better idea of realism etc etc that I can’t calculate on paper.