I can't figure out the trade page

I know this is probably a dumb question, and RC, and SC will get all over me for this, but here goes. Ok, I’ve tried limit orders, and stop orders, what I’m trying to do is set a trade with entry/exit/stop, and leave it un-attended. Every time I’ve tried to do this I get marketed in, and out in a flash. Here’s an example of what Im trying to do; If the ES is currently trading at 1245 at 9am, I want to set a buy at 1255 exit 1256 stop 1253…How can I make this trade?

I believe after you set your limit order that gets you into the trade, you then send two conditional orders and set them up as an OCA group.

The writer for TA Swing sends most of his signals out like this so I know it is possible.

crap!! The ES market is trading 1244.50…I just set a limit at 1255 BTO…and got filled at friggin’ 1244.50

You’re mixing up limits and stops. Please see the detailed decsription of how limits and stops work. You can find this on the new order ticket, at the bottom of the yello order-entry area (“What are limits and stops?”)

But let me summarize what you want to do:

1) Buy Stop 1255 (This means: “Buy when price touches 1255”)

2) On the same order entry area you can set a Profit Target and a Stop Loss. Both of these two settings are optional.

Ok, MK, thanks for the tip, I’m glad you chimmed in before the vultures got to me.

Assuming you are talking about your C2 system:

CAUTION ONE: Make sure the price you enter is in the format that C2 uses. For example, some futures will appear as 8795 for Euros and 0.8795 in C2.

CAUTION TWO: If you are doing a Park Until of the order, make sure:

– you don’t accidentally press the Place Order instead of the Park Until button.

– the date is later than the present. The prefilled date is often earlier than “now” and will execute immediately

CAUTION THREE: Ignore this: "Make this order conditional"


1) From your system’s home page, you click “Trade” from your system’s line

Futures-Systems.com 09/02/05 63 65% $9,948 $377 $10,326 2.6:1 TradeEditSubsKillShortcut

2) From the yellow order-entry screen (New Order Ticket). this is all you should do:

After selecting Buy/Sell to Open, Quant & Symbol

Put in your Limit/Stop price



Put in prices for the following:

Profit target:

Stop Loss:



After you place the order using the Profit Target and Stop Loss, do you need to check the 2 OCA boxes next to the orders? Or does C2 do that automatically?

If you place an order with Profit Target and Stop Loss, C2 automatically turns them into OCA orders. No need to do anything else.

> PrimeTime Minis was developed over 10 years of realtime technical analysis, and daily charting.

Just curious where you traded for ten years without learning the difference

between a stop and a limit?

Looks like the "reload" is much improved over PrimeTime.

All the best.