Errant fill reports from Trade Bullet

On two of my trades today, there were some errant fill reports from at least one of my subscribers that resulted in incorrect fill prices for my trades. For today, these were in FAZ and FCX. For example, in FAZ, I bought 1,000 shares, a trade which resulted in a roughly 4 cent per share loss. But two errant Trade Bullet fill reports resulted in a $337 gain. The fill reports show 60 shares bought at 35.34 and 60 shares sold at 44.09. FAZ obviously did not trade anywhere near these prices. I submitted trouble tickets for the fills, but I am posting here to see if I can get an explanation for the errors.

Thanks in advance.



Hi, Michael:

I’ve been in touch with Francis at TradeBullet support, and he will investigate the clearly wrong fill prices. In the meantime, I have removed them from your system. - Matthew