Erratic strategies

What can you do when a strategy that typically trades 1 e-mini contract suddenly trades 32? Can you limit your account - i.e. only allow 1 to 4 e-mini contracts to be traded on your behalf at any one time?

In your AutoTrade Control Panel, select the system and set its “Max Trade Size” to what you want.

Systems that leverage up suddenly like that are martingale strategies… you can find several discussions on here about them with a search. Generally they won’t make the money shown in their results unless you allow them to leverage up, and if you do allow them to leverage up they will probably bust your account. So the best way to deal with them is to avoid them. To avoid them look through the trade list carefully before you subscribe to a system and look for any trades that suddenly increase leverage. Be extremely cautious of any system with > 85% win rate in particular.

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Also look for systems certified as ToS. There is no perfect way to avoid people gaming the subscribers, but if the manager is trading their own money along with yours then you have a much better chance that you are dealing with a legit system.

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