Erroneously executed STC stop orders

I’ve already sent trouble tickets for these errors. I’m posting here not to be redundant, but so these errors are fixed. I have sent trouble tickets in the past that were not taken care of, so it seems this extra effort to get attention to the issue may be necessary.

Two STC stop orders were executed today at the NYSE close at 16:00, one in APKT and the other in WYNN. In APKT, a stop at 71.70 was filled on C2, while the stock closed at 72.29 and the day’s low was 71.94. In WYNN, an order was filled on C2 at stop price 133.45, even though the stock closed at 135.15. Neither of these stop orders should have been filled.

Addtionally, I submitted a trouble ticket for a trade in TZOO from 3/31/11 - 4/1/11 that had some erroneous fills. C2 shows a $341 winner, when the trade was in fact a small loser.

I greatly appreciate your attention to these errors.

Michael Zweighaft

Hi, Michael:

I think these issues are now resolved.

Thank you very much , Matthew.