C2 going haywire

I own a system, ETF Strangler, and I entered an order for one option contract and it was literally executed seven times. I notified C2 immediately and have not heard back after multiple emails over almost two market days. I can’t imagine how this would affect someone using Autotrade. C2 needs to back the bad trades out immediately, as it is adversely affecting my track record and has nearly put me in a margin call. I can’t believe the lack of response from C2.

Hi, technical:

Sorry for the slow reply. I have backed out the incorrect entry.



Thanks for taking care of that problem yesterday. Still waiting on a response to my emails and trouble ticket with the issue that occurred after that yesterday. We really need to get this recurring problem fixed…it’s one thing to trade the market but another to deal with errors and lack of response.


Wow…48 hours and still no response to erroneous trades executed in my account…unbelievable. Am I to assume that there will never be a response and just go ahead and make after-the-fact adjustments (to the detriment of my track record), or will you finally reverse the erroneous trades? Can’t imagine what else you can be doing for two days straight that’s so pressing that you can’t respond to me.

I have several times looked at your reported problem. The issue is you’ve already gone ahead and opened new positions in the symbol you think was erroneously closed. So it’s unclear to me exactly what you think is wrong, and exactly how you want me to fix it.

It would be helpful if you could send me an email explaining exactly what you think is wrong with which exact trade and - most important - a description of exactly what you envision a “fix” looking like.


Email sent, hopefully this can be resolved post haste.

Thanks for taking care of this Matthew.