Executing at wrong price

This website is messing up my orders.

STC 1,000 RDN at limit 10.42 Filled: 10.39 at 3/5/13 12:49 ET

STC 500 CCG at limit 12.92 Filled: 12.90 at 3/5/13 12:24 ET

BTO 5,000 BGMD at limit 1.66 Filled: 1.68 at 3/5/13 11:35 ET

BTO 1,000 AMKR at limit 4.12 Filled: 4.13 at 3/5/13 13:21 ET

Hi, Scott:

We automatically sent you an email explaining why these fill prices were changed. (Short answer: not enough liquidity; we are required by regulators to display actual prices received by your real-life traders.) I have forwarded the email to you again to make sure you receive it. - MK

Wow. Please cancel my payment. I am disputing this through my bank Unacceptable. If I wanted a market order, I would have placed one. A few cents matters greatly on trades with thousands of shares being exchanged.

Again, please refund the $99 I paid for this silly service.

Thank you

Hi, Scott:

Sorry you feel this way. US regulators at the NFA and SEC have opinions that are different than yours. I’m afraid that I must listen to their opinion over yours about these sorts of things. Your money had been refunded. Thanks for trying us. Good luck. - MK