Error in trade execution by C2

I have a problem with this position that has bad execution:

BTO 727 FAS at stop 27.10 Filled: 42.27 at 7/7/11 9:32 ET

It should be filled @ 27.10 not 42.27 so it shows a loss of more that 10K.

Also, because of this, two other open positions:

1. 7/7/11 9:59 BUY 235 IYG 55.71 7/7 11:35 55.65 n/a ($19)

2. 7/7/11 9:32 BUY 495 UYG 66.04 7/7 11:35 66.14 n/a $42

were closed, so it’s a second error. They should be opened until close of today, and other part until open tomorrow.

Last problem is that because of this issue, other possible orders will never get filled because of low equity (which in reality is not the case).

So I would like to fix the error fills, to open closed positions, and open any other position that SHOULD be opened if error did not occured at all.

Thank you.

You fixed the error fills. Everything is ok now.