Order execution failed again - software problem not solved

Dear Matthew,

In April this year we had an in-depth discussion on this forum under the subject “Order execution failed - error ticket not replied” regarding mixed up STOP Orders at my system “Arabica intraday only”, which is trading the coffee contract.
We found, that there was a problem with C2 software (filling unit), because sometimes the sequence of STOP Order filling is false. Unfortunately yesterday (Friday, 6/27/14) the same error we discussed in April occured again. The following orders were posted to C2:

88322335 6/27/14 8:50 ET Buy to open long position 1 @KCU4 at stop 181.85 day order

The following instruction is conditional upon #88322335 above being executed first.
88322337 6/27/14 8:50 ET Sell to close position 1 @KCU4 at stop 179.9 Good Til Cancel

88322340 6/27/14 8:50 ET Sell to go short 1 @KCU4 at stop 179.75 day order

The following instruction is conditional upon #88322340 above being executed first.
88322342 6/27/14 8:50 ET Buy to cover short position 1 @KCU4 at stop 181.7 Good Til Cancel

The problem was, that again the correctly established Long-Position was not closed by the STOP Order @179.9. Instead the other STOP Order (designated to open a new Short-Position) @ 179.75 was abused to close this Long-Position. The bad implication of this mistake was, that the Short-Position which should have been opened @179.75 was not executed. Because the price went down on Friday until the end of the trading session, this trade had been very profitable. At the installed daily Auto-Close Time (13:27 ET) the price was 172.25. So this missing Short-Trade had a profit of 7.5 points or USD 2812.50 .

Matthew, please could you add this missing Short-Trade to the Trade-List, the stats and the equity curve.

…And of course, it would be very helpful for the future, if this software problem could be solved as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

While I can’t change your trading record, because you have subscribers who didn’t get filled, I will look into this issue and try to solve it. Me and the C2 team will communicate with you by email.

Whether he has subscribers or not , a system developer is not entitled for a track record modification under the excuse that C2 failed to execute one of the signals , that’s not how its done in real life .