ES Picks Price Reduction

Hi all ,

We just reduced the monthly fees from $149 to $120 for our system ES Picks .

I’m not sure “amazing” is the word I’d choose. Nearly all the profit comes from 1 minute pseudo-trades with impossible fills, mostly before Aug 1 but then again on Aug 24 and 25. Look through the trades and see. It’s a fairly common approach for non-TOS strategies to show “amazing” growth through this method… and then the strategy becomes pedestrian quickly once real subscribers with autotrade are on board and the actual fills don’t generate the same kind of profits in real trading.


Look at the trades before August 30 when there were no auto traders, most of them opened and closed within one or two minutes. Looks like another set up to buy on the bid and sell on the ask, amazing that vendors can still get away with this deceptive practice.

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I am surprised that it has subscribers.

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Really disciplined averaging down at last two trades. :slight_smile: