Stock Selection is a very impressive strategy, I've been following for more than a year

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@NormandChiasson - thx for the pointer.
What makes you like this strategy?
Have you found ones that have a better ratio between DD and Annual Return or does that not matter for you that much?

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So, @NormandChiasson , the first message that you post in the forum is to shill one strategy. That probably means that you’re the trader that developed it, could that be true? :wink:

@SelfQuant - no worries, just pointing out a strategy I’m comfortable with and started trusting in automatic trading. My main criteria is stocks only, this is perfect for registered accounts. I like how the strategy (Stock Selection) over or underweights certain industries/sectors depending on what will perform better (retail, tech, consumer disc.).

Another strategy I recently discovered (stocks only) is SNIPER STKS OPTS FUTURES, though I’m not a subscriber.

@NemesisCraze - I confirm I’m not the trader, nor I know him/her, simply an honest comment.

May be I’ve been too suspicious :slight_smile:

I like the stocks only strategies too, thanks for the heads up.

+1 - same here I like stock only strategies as well -
My main selection criteria is I like to have at least a 2:1 ratio between annual return and DD plus I like to have short term trades (~ 5-10 days) using very liquid underlyings.

Regarding this strategy, I’ve checked the owner other strategies and I found one of them (“Future Trends”) being private, which worries me. Both has the “Future” word in them, so I’m not sure what differs in both strategies.

@WilliamDalton2, could you share what makes different to both strategies, and if you changed something in your trading to avoid the 46.2% returns in “Future Trends”? Same goes for “Magic Monday Stocks”, currently with a -10% return and a -31.9%DD.

I like the SNIPER STKS OPTS FUTURES strategy but I’m worried that it could end in the same way than the others

As a system developer it may make sense to make it private when you play around with new instruments. If you’ve a stock strategy but switch to futures or options the API/json is very different and you need to feel comfortable with your code first before worrying about the actual system performance. My typical deployment model is:

  1. Trade it in papertrade account (which would be equivalent to making a system private) so I can test the mechanics (typically for a couple weeks)
  2. Trade it with minimum size so I can trade it with real money but only a couple shares for stocks. This is much harder with options or futures since a single contract often represents good size - in those cases I manually close the trade often after being in it for a couple of minutes. The main purpose is to test realistic fills and execution (this also looks weird on a system on C2 when you see very low volume trades or trades that don’t match the actual system behavior.
  3. Trade it and rake in the money - the first part always works - the raking in of the money is always a challenge but everyone know that lol :wink:

I don’t know, every time that someone makes a strategy private I think that the trader has something to hide. It shouldn’t harm to keep it open so everyone could check if the trader did outrageous movements or whatever.


I do not come to this message board but maybe 1x a year so my apologies. Magic Monday was me testing a ZACKS strategy that they touted. Through backtesting for many years it did produce superior returns to the SnP. I decided to paper trade it in C2 and the results have not been good. Im continuing to trade it, but after 7 months Im about to stop. I have chosen to go with my own stock picking and put all my energy into Sniper Stocks, Opts Futures. I keep most positions dollar equal and try to allocate some shorts along with my longs. Shorts are much more difficult to make money on in an up trending market but Im very focused on the technicals. Please feel free to contact me directly with any other questions. William Dalton

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Thanks for clarify, it is much appreciated