40 Days with No Trade


It has been 40 days since my last trade. I have my google sheet automatically update stop losses every day to keep them updated and to make sure that subs know things are still connected etc. The vast majority of days the email alerts for my strategy look like this where the only thing changing are the stop prices. I have my doubts that a system that trades this little will do well on C2. Are there any other successful systems here that have done well?

My strategy seems fairly close to yours in terms of statistics (started same time, same win%, same win months, comparable DD). I’ve had a little better performance but I’ve made only 5 trades. I’ve gone over two months without a trade before. I’ve been very happy with the number of subs and and simulators I’ve received in such a short amount of time.

There is one big difference though - the amount we charge. $250 a month plus AutoTrading fees is $3480 a year. An investor with a $20k portfolio has to make 17% a year just to break even.

This is just a suggestion, but have thought of lowering your price and then raise it as you build a following and track record?

To be honest I think your strategy seems much better than mine, but I do appreciate you being nice about that :slight_smile: I have experimented with different fee levels. I have had it as high as $250 so that just one sub would cover my costs of auto trading my strategy in three accounts and publishing one strategy. However, I have also experimented with having the price as low as $0. I am glad to here that you are getting subs even though you have long hold times. In the end I think I just need more time and better performance. Keep up your good work!

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