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ETF UNITS Take a Look


Etf Units Is a system whose objective is to survive through any environment by being well diversified and by taking 5-10% positions per position. If there are multiple triggers from various sources, I will take larger positions.
I am seeking a 30% a year but returns may be more than that.

These are just goals. There is no guarantees in trading.



My system is free to all.
Join in.

Diversification is crucial both in instrument and method. My goal is to achieve a high return with a fair and reasonable drawdown.

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Well that didn’t last long…5 days later I receive this:

"That concludes the free segment of the show, in order to bring more results, and to keep up with fees I will charge $49. I’m sure many of you will scurry but thank you for viewing. "


My guess is he is hoping people will forget and be charged $49 before they realize it. “Free segment of the show”. Sounds professional.


I wouldn’t even have bothered to sign up even if its free…lol

Stick with the 6 months minimum to wait for the strategy to mature is always the best rule since I’ve seen too many free coupons invite that only invited temptation to continue paying for a strategy that is yet mature enough to be analyzed.


Just received this email, guess my “free” subscription is done now.

"This email confirms that you have unsubscribed from the trading system called ETF UNITS as of Aug 27 21:16 ET.

The reason the subscription has stopped is: Terminated by System Admin"


Lol…not that you lost anything in value but looks like the strategy owner saw your posted comments.


Results after a month of a slow and steady diversified ETF Unit system.
Gains and losses may be dampened but that’s the intention.


A fine week for etf units.

Some interesting weeks ahead for the market await.


Do you know Tom Mearis or Brad Sellers? They were brilliant investors who are no longer here.

Good Luck Carl.


Wow, thank you so much!


New Coupon Code for $0 for 1 billing cycle for ETF UNITS, normally $129,
This entitles you 1 month free.
I feel you will love ETF UNITS. It’s such a thoughtful well laid out diversified strategy, what’s not to love!

Coupon Code; use it and enjoy 1 free month,

If you took advantage of the initial free period, please exercise self control and refrain from using this coupon. If you do, you will be promptly removed.
Coupon code will expire soon.


I have always been bemused as to why people think trading is difficult.
You diversify, you are not gluttonous, and you buy low.
I’m just stumped.
Simply my opinion.


Not that easy is it? lol


What are you laughing about?
Are you seriously loling over the fact that the market goes up and down and there will be drawdowns? Anyway, good to hear from 1 of the Three Stooges.


Ahh…CarlRoss…aka…Brad Sellers…aka Tom Mearis verified by @DogZebra_Investing…lol


Well you were toiling about how easy it was to trade…lol…lets see how you do by 6 months time (again!)


@DOG_ZWOW or whatever your name is going to be later on …why don’t you just take this seriously and trade without bragging? And better yet …try and learn how to really manage other peoples money instead of putting up useless strategies?


We have 2 of The Stooges checking in today. Waiting on Moe.