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ETF UNITS Take a Look


Hey now, I didn’t verify anything. This could be the real Carl Ross.

Just funny that he sounds the same as the others, trades the same instruments, and has a generic sounding profile name that appeared when the last system predictably failed after great boasting.

So I’ll just watch this show from the cheap seats :popcorn: Good luck Carl.


@DogZebra_Investing I am pretty sure you’re bang on…lol


2 winning months for ETF UNITS looking to make it 3!


Wow…zero profits for 3 by months now! Forget about 3 winning months in a row…lol


What sets ETF UNITS apart from the rest is it consists of 57 filters and adds positions in 5% increments. That’s 1 unit. This in my opinion mitigates the chance of a large blowup. Some of us know the power of units.
ETF UNITS in my opinion is an oasis of calm in a tumultuous market.
Is that market on the horizon? Well, is it?
Most positions will be held for 4 to 12 weeks and only long.
And oh, good luck.


Curve fitted trading system? Nice


I love the way ETF UNIITS hangs so tough.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT DAY!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
This event was discussed with past subscribers I’m absolutely loving it.
Happy trading.


Etf Units at new high since inception.

Can we get a review from those who have scolded me and or those that signed up for free who were told that I believed TQQQ was headed to 51 and JNUG would spike? Also your opinions of buying units and being pretty diversified. I would like to hear from those that signed up and canceled.


@DOG_ZWOW, I don’t think people scolded you…lol

The main issue was your bragging that was annoying after only 1 month of trading results.

BlockquoteI have always been bemused as to why people think trading is difficult.
You diversify, you are not gluttonous, and you buy low.

Just trade without bragging and let the results show for itself and I don’t think anyone will criticize you.

Keep up the trading results and good luck!


Ok, we’ve heard from someone who feels threatened by a positive self attitude, thanx. Anyone else?
I would rather follow a bragger with a winning system than a humble loser any day. In fact this happened on a another site I will not mention. A very humble well respected man had garnered a large following. Sure enough they followed him off the XIV cliff. Lesson learned.


ETF UNITS buys 2 units on the dip today.
What a comforting feeling it is knowing I’m well diversified.
20 units gives me peace of mind.


This is when legitimate systems will suffer, the market potentially bottoming and everyone doubling up. I also feel that this is a turnaround but just pointing out how a finesse system will not compete against brute force, but we all pay the same. I don’t want to hear how over time it will payoff as the allin double up systems will benefit huge for potentially months, and you don’t need any system for that.


ETF UNITS commiserates with those who have unwittingly followed losing systems so we are offering ETF UNITS for $95 in an effort to raise awareness of our system and to hopefully help those recoup their losses.
While the market has tanked, ETF UNITS has gleefully gone up.
We’re feeling warm and comfy in our cacoon of Units.
We purchase positions in 5% units based on 57 filters.
Come join the fun to experience the power of ETF UNITS!



Etf Units at a new high since inception. Hope our new subscriber enjoyed today’s move.

I’d like to talk a little about how important discipline is in trading and how it is even more important as a trade leader who many rely on.
Situations occur all the time, as it did the other day, when 1 position is up and another is down, well some will use twisted logic that it would make sense to dump 1 position and move it all into the other. Tempting to some but not to us. We have a game plan and we adhere to it. For us, it’s all about safety in Units. You cannot deviate from your plan based on emotion.
Thanks for your time and good luck to all.


Not a super day for those who don’t adapt but a good day for those amongst us who diversify.

I will keep ETF UNITS $95 for the rest of the year in an effort to garner more subscribers. I work ver diligently and do not deviate from the plan.
Come see what sets us apart.


Question - do you know JakeThatcher2 personally? (The one guy who subscribed to your strategy)

Just curious because he appeared in the last 2 weeks and of all the strategies on C2 he has only subscribed to yours. Just curious. Thanks.


No I don’t. Not really sure why you’re outing a subscriber.


An account for Jake Thatcher, which presumably could be the primary account, is subbed to three other strategies.


I get there is a lot of angst, envy and paranoia out here, but can we please leave subscribers out of this and really concentrate trading?