Seems Only Option Strategies Making $

Looking at multiple systems it seems strictly ETF & stock strategies are not getting many subscribers. I think it’s mainly millennials trying to make it big with options. Anyone notice this?
My point being I could probably make 100-200% trading strictly ETFs and only get a handful of subs, if this is the case, it’s not worth the effort & $39 a month

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That tendency is probably prevailing here.
A reason could be that it is quite difficult to find a strategy with ETF or Stocks only. If you in the leaderboard or grid choose “Stocks” you still get strategies containing both futures and options. And it is impossible to filter for ETF only.

Not exactly. In the grid type in “ETF” for name and you will at least get SOME of the names of strategies using exclusively ETFs. Technically in the context of C2, the ETF systems are ‘stock’ systems. Lots of blending and overlap. The number of systems that just trade options are very few and don’t seem to last very long.

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So bottom line, if I do strictly ETFs like Xiv and make 120%, I’ll probably have 2-4 subs.

I have no idea how many subs you will get. I think the easy money has been made in the now very crowded volatility futures ETN strategies. I don’t have any subs yet for my own vol strat - but its been a work in progress which I now feel is tweaked to where I want it. In time - the wheat will separate from the chaff. Build a track record without huge drawdowns for your volatility strategy (easier said than done) and you should eventually get subs. I’m in for the long haul. Good luck, you will need it.

I truly get it, low drawdown high return but after looking intensely I’m struggling to find purely etf systems with more than a handful of subs.
Only hybrids make money. Case in point look at the leader board.
Maybe the subscription rate should be reduced for etf only system leaders because I’m not feeling too thrilled with the idea of putting out a couple grand without much action. Also, it’s really weird how. 2 identical systems can get much different sub rates. Perception is everything.

I have more than a handful of subs on my ETF strategy, and it’s not high return either. There are people looking for long term strategies with realistic risk/return.

There are more people looking to win the lottery though, so if you really can do 100-200% return with an ETF system, people will beat your door down subscribing. You need to prove it with results though.


Here on forum Robert don’t remember his last name was promoting his VIX systems trading XIV and VXX. I am more than sure that he has good amount of subs, more than handful. Show results and you’ll have subs.

It is only 500$ a year investment. Should not be a big deal for successful trader able to make 100-200%.

Though I think your subs are suckers for settling for such small returns in a bull market, a great job at marketing. have you broached the question with your subs on how you will handle a bear market? Feast now while the iron is hot. The perception is that you are a conservative level headed leader and that’s what’s driving your system. I could show you a dozen systems with similar returns and DD, that would not achieve that many subscribers.
One can trade XIV for 6 weeks and return 25% for the year and sit out the rest.

What is the purpose of limiting subscribers as stated in your description?

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I think I’ve seen numerous systems with returns over 100% and DD under 30% that have little to no subscribers. As stated before it all comes down to perception and how well you are able to manipulate the masses.

Sounds like you have it all figured out–why are you here talking to us peons? Go make 200% (but keep drawdown low and don’t martingale), you’ll get plenty of subscribers by the time your record has aged long enough to be meaningful.


It is only 10 systems on C2 trading stocks with 100%+ return and less than 30% drawdown made at least 10 trades older than 6 months. From this 10 I would exclude 4 cause they were flat half of their trading history or more, 1 trades fancy tickers, exclude it also. 4 from remaining has much more than handful subs and all 4 trades ETFs. :slight_smile:

C2 is high-competitive area. Starting your system doesn’t mean that you’ll get subs by default. Win the race first and then join the club. :slight_smile:


Good job JITF, this really helps. Surprised there’s so few when you could just buy and hold Xiv for a large portion of it. Thanx.

Look, you’ve done an amazing job of marketing, and your ability to keep a low DD. albeit returning a paltry sum is exemplary. All I’m saying is I can do that in 2 months and keep the investor out of the market if they chose. But that wouldn’t make you much Cash would it. It’s wisest to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time and be out of the market as much as possible. Plus you turned this thread into a commercial for your system.

Gus, talk is cheap. Let’s see some results.


Are you going to continue with the strategy or quit after making 3 trades only?

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Calling other subscribers “suckers” in the forum is not the wisest approach to start a new strategy on C2.

There are many potential investors reading here, many of them are already subscribers of DavidStephens.

Those DavidStephens-subscribers could be your subscribers as well in the future,
but you certainly lost some of them already on your first week.

Good luck with your strategy


If 1 person were to float my monthly operation l would continue.
Semi kidding.

Are you saying $39 per month is too expensive for you? If your strategy is making money why won’t you trade it yourself and that alone should cover the cost of $39/month?


Lol…but seriously keep it up and I will be one of your subscribers if you can show me how well your system is