EUR to US$ conversion

Hi Matthew,

I have started trading the Eurobund (BD) in my system recently. I have noticed that the trade results in the list of the system page are shown in US$ but they are actually EUR (that is, the shown result should be a factor 1.48 larger).

Is there a small bug there or is there another explanation?

Luckily enough, my autotraded account at OEC did the conversion :wink:

C2 should do the conversion automatically. Let me take a look and make sure we have the contract listed in the database properly as Euro-denominated. I’ll get back to you shortly on this.

I double-checked, and C2 is doing everything correctly. Your profits and losses are shown in dollars on your C2 system page, because your C2 account is dollar-denominated. But the way it works is that C2 first calculates each trade’s profit and loss in Euros (since the Bund contract is Euro-denominated) and then converts to dollars as of the time the trade was closed.

Hi Matthew,

I just noticed that it happens when I overlay my own autotrades on it.

Thank you.

Ah, I see. I will need to fix that and make sure dollar-conversion appears on AutoTrade results overlay.